4 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe at the Pool

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The weather is getting warmer, and that means pool time is about to be a major part of some families days. Whether you have a pool at your home or if you go to a community center, here are four easy ways that you can be sure that your kiddos are safe this summer at the pool.


Keep An Eye On Them


One of the best ways to make sure that your kids are safe at the pool this summer is by making sure they don’t get into situations where they can be hurt. That may sound like common sense, but in some cases it isn’t. While there are lifeguards at most public pools, it’s not a good idea to rely on a single lifeguard to monitor an entire pool effectively.


Although lifeguards are trained to perform rescues, CPR, and other first aid techniques, many of them would tell you that their most important job is to watch the water. They can spot and stop potential dangers before they happen. As a parent or guardian, it’s essential to stay focused on your child’s whereabouts while they are in the water.


Pay Attention To Facility Rules


Pools, aquatic facilities, and water parks establish rules for a reason: to maintain the safety of their guests and visitors. Make sure your children know and understand the rules of the facility you are at. This usually includes basics such as the following: no diving in shallow areas, not running next to the pool deck, and having an adult accompanying a child at all times.


If the height requirement for your neighborhood slide is 42 inches but your child is 36 inches, they shouldn’t slide. Even if you are standing right there, the slide manufacturers tested each slide many times to set a limit for how tall a child should be in order to slide safely. Having a good time should never jeopardize safety, and you as a parent are responsible for ensuring that your little ones come home safely.


If Your Child Can’t Swim, Make Sure They Wear A Lifejacket


If your child can’t swim and they will be in water that can go over their head, it is imperative that they wear some type of flotation device. A popular choice for some parents are “water wings.” However, water wings can be dangerous because they can deflate at random. The best flotation devices for your children are the ones that are Coast Guard approved. You can find more information about these floatation devices here.


Make Sure Everyone Is Well Fed & Hydrated


One of the most dangerous things at a pool during the hot summer months isn’t the water. Instead, it is the sun. When people are having fun, they sometimes forget to properly hydrate themselves. Although you don’t have to be dehydrated to have heat exhaustion, they often go hand in hand. Heat exhaustion is what happens when your body has been exposed to high temperatures for long periods of time without proper hydration. This can become a very serious quickly if proper medical attention isn’t sought out.


So, as a parent this summer, make sure that your little ones enjoy their pool time safely. If you have questions or concerns about skin protection, heat exhaustion, hydration, or just about anything else, give us a call. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Have a wonderful summer!